Ok, so the day after we arrived in Pensacola from our honey moon, Ryan and I packed absolutely everything we own into my car and a U-haul truck and drove 10 hours to Rosenberg Texas.

If you aren’t familiar with Rosenberg, it is 30 miles South of Houston. It’s the burbs…kind of.
Up the road about 15 miles is Sugarland which, if you are from around the panhandle, is kinda like Destin…but a lot bigger.

Rosenberg is more like a small town outside of the suburbs on your way out to real Texas.
Now my idea of real Texas is Big ‘ol cowboy hats and bolo ties and maybe a tumble weed here or there. That’s not really Rosenberg at all it’s a quiet, nice, small town where people live who work in some of the surrounding cities and towns like Houston or wharton and El campo where Ryan works.

I must confess when we first moved here I was looking everywhere for cowboy hats, boots and bolos, but there aren’t to many around. However, every now and then I do catch a glimpse of a good ‘ol boy in a big truck and I smile to myself.

Today I went around and took some pictures of the town as well as our apartment so ya’ll back at home can get a glimpse of our Texas life!

Downtown Rosenberg



Our Apartment


Ok, here is the inside…there is still some work to be done, but here’s a sneak peak!


Ok, I am super proud of this bookshelf!  It has our favorite books, some pictures, and Ryan’s collection of old Cameras.

And finally, our Christmas Tree! 

So that’s our life in a nutshell as of right now.
Now, people keep asking me; “How’s Texas?”

Well here’s my answer:

It’s a little different because it’s a new place. It’s nice, then again it’s not too different from living anywhere else in the South, honestly. And it is so nice to finally, after 4 months, have Ryan here by my side!
Now, the one that I CAN’T stand is Texas drivers. I am sorry if you are reading this and you’re from Texas, but these people are maniacs! And I feel like I have a target on my car because it has a Florida License plate! Oh well

If that’s the worst, I’ll take it!

Until Next time!