So, it’s been awhile.
The Mac’s are gearing up for Christmas and I am steadily learning my way around our cute little kitchen.

Today I am going to share with you my successes in the kitchen.

First I have mastered the art of hand made pizza crust!
I use This recipe:

I use sugar instead of Honey, I haven’t gotten that brave yet 🙂
I topped it with pepperoni, mushrooms, spinach and Mozzerella.
Here is the finished product :

I am trying to figure out  how to do a stuffed crust. Any suggestions?
Also, if you try this, make sure not to make the dough to thick, that was my mistake my first time, but the second time I rolled the dough out more.

Next I have my own Chicken Picatta over Cheese tortellini pasta.
This one was kind of an experiment…but a good one!

The Secret to this one is…I didn’t make the Alfredo sauce from scratch, I’ll admit it. but I did add some things to is.

So here is the recipe:
2 chicken Breast Cut butterfly style
2 tbl spoon all purpose flour
1 Tsp Italian seasoning
2 Tsp Parm Cheese
Dash of salt and pepper
1 package of cheese tortellini ( I used whole wheat)

In a Medium/Large sauce pan begin to boil water for the tortellini. (follow instructions on the package :))

While the pasta is cooking add flour, seasoning, cheese, and salt and pepper into a bowl.
Mix with a fork until all are blended together.
Transfer mix to a plate, then dredge the chicken breast through flour mixture.

In a medium frying pan add olive oil over medium heat.
Saute until chicken is fully cooked

For the sauce: I used one jar of target brand Alfredo sauce ( I know, super classy)
Heat in a small sauce pan over medium heat, add a dash of salt, pepper, and parsley and a pinch of Mozzarella Cheese.

Here is the finished product:

It’s Delish!


Ok, I have more, but I think two is enough for right now.
So what are some of your favorite recipes? Any suggestions on some I should try?


Ashley Mac